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Transferable Worldwide

Destiny has a strong record of successfully preparing students for schools and universities both locally and abroad. Our alumni are equipped with strong academic and social-emotional foundation for them to thrive anywhere they choose to go to. 

Goh Xiwen

ASEAN Scholarship, Singapore

Lim Khai Zhe

ASEAN Academic Scholarship
Epsom College Malaysia

Goh Zi En

ASEAN Scholarship

Keeshan Tan S.

Perth Secondary School

Trishapal Kaur

Melbourne Secondary School


Sadeed Quazi Tareq

New York High School
United States of America

Josephine Chee

Bachelors in Law with First Class Honours, Cardiff University Wales
United Kingdom

Ng Jin Chien Elvin Etican

First Class Honours in Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering, Monash University 

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