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The Difference Between Private Schools

written by Mr Paul Halford

Not for Profit Schools

“Not for Profit” schools operate on a very different basis to the “For Profit” schools. A “Not for Profit” school is dedicated to providing the best level of schooling for its students that it can financially provide.  The School Board act as trustees of the school and take on the responsibility legally and financially, to act in the best interest of the school. Importantly – any profit the school makes will be put back into the school through improved resources, staffing, services or facilities. This allows the staff and Board to focus on the core business of schools – caring for the next generation.

“Not for Profit” schools are a great benefit and assurance to parents that they are getting a value-for-money education. “Not for Profit” schools tend to also have a higher community focus.  These schools are usually founded to meet a local need, to provide a certain type of education for the community. 


    “非营利性”学校对家长来说是一份利益,一份保障,那就是学生得到物有所值的教育 。“非营利性”学校很关注社区的需求。这些学校经常是为了满足当地的需求而建立,为该社区提供某种类型的教育。

Driven by a higher purpose

Schools are not the same as a business that sells cars, real estate or furniture.  Schools must be driven by a higher purpose – to educate learners and to contribute to the community. This higher purpose should never be compromised by the demand to make money.  


The difference in Destiny

Destiny was founded for exactly this reason – to meet a community need in this town of Muar for quality international education.  The driving force in Destiny is for a legacy to be created for the benefit of the Muar community.  Since working at Destiny, it has been evident to me that the school’s driving force is not about making money! It is about being of service to your children and the Muar community and as such Destiny is honourable and should be praised.

The annual staff survey also shows high levels of work satisfaction and a management culture that is transparent and respectful of all staff members. This is testament to the “Not for Profit” model that Destiny has structured the school in. Being a “Not for Profit” school, we are also grateful to the support of our founders Dr. Jonathan & Helen David, the All Nations Sanctuary Committee and the many parents who have all supported the school financially and in-kind. Destiny is truly a community school, with a vision to build a permanent place in Muar. 

My time in Destiny, has been rewarding because I am assured that the School Board is focused on the best interest of all students and staff members. It is assuring that all my labor as Consultant Principal is not about dollars and cents, but about touching the lives of the next generation in Muar. 

Destiny should be commended for all it has achieved over the past twelve years. 

Destiny 便是为了满足麻坡社区对优质的国际教育的需求而创立。Destiny 的推动力是为麻坡社区的利益而栽培下一代。自在Destiny 工作以来,我清楚看到学校的推动力不在于赚钱!它的存在是为了服务您的孩子与麻坡社区。为此,Destiny 这高尚的情操应当受到表扬。

在年度问卷调查中,教职员对工作满意度,透明的管理文化,与职员之间的相处尊重显示出了高度评价。这是Destiny 以“非营利性” 模式来构建学校的证明。作为一所“非营利性”学校,我校也很感谢我们的创办人Dr. Jonathan 和Helen David,万国圣殿教会的委员会和许多家长给予学校在金钱和物质上的支持。Destiny 是一所真正的社区学校,它将会持续存在并回馈麻坡社区。

在Destiny 工作,我一直觉得很有意义,因为我很确定我校的董事会完全是以学生和老师的最佳利益为前提。这确保我作为校长顾问的所有努力不是为了金钱,而是为了触动麻坡的下一代。

Destiny 应该因过去十二年来取得的成就而受表扬。

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