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Friends of Destiny

Friends of Destiny is the Parent Association at Destiny.

All parents are encouraged to join the activities and meetings organised. 

2021 / 2022 Committee

Past President: Calvin Lim
President: Lee Meng Fung
Vice President: Soh Wei Keong
Secretary: Susan Lim
Vice Secretary: Amber Tan
Treasurer: Veron Lim
Vice Treasurer: Teo Leng Leng
Publicity: Joanne Khoo
Vice Publicity: Sharlotte Ho Shi Yin
Committee: Goh Chian Chian, Elyn Lim, Dr Yusof Sibert

2019 / 2020 Committee

President: Calvin Lim
Vice President: Lee Meng Fung
Secretary: Susan Lim
Vice Secretary: Elyn Lim
Treasurer: Goh Chian Chian
Vice Treasurer: Veron Lim
Publicity: Dr Yusof SIbert
Committee: Joanne Khoo, Ally Tan, Angie Ng, Amber Tan

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