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Rigorous Academics

At Destiny we believe that Rigorous Academics provides the foundation for our learners to thrive in their field of choice. High emphasis is placed on the delivery of quality teaching and learning within our classrooms daily.


Quality Teachers

Destiny strives to hire only the best teachers who are qualified, experienced and passionate about quality education. We publish the profile of all team members because we are proud of each one on our team.

We believe that the single biggest factor in ensuring high academic standards and strong pastoral care, lies in the quality of teachers and staff members within our four walls. All staff members go through intensive trainings to up-skill and stay relevant with the changes in education globally.




External Benchmarking

At Destiny we believe that how our students do on our internal exams must also be reflected in their external exams. All learners from Year 3 to Year 9 sit for external benchmarking assessments annually. These exams are not set or marked by our teachers, and serves to provide the school and parents with third-party data on how our learners are doing compared to learners internationally.


在Destiny, 我校认为,学生在校内考试中的表现也应该跟外部考试的表现是一致。我校三年级至九年级的学生每年都会参加这项外部考试。外部考试的考卷不是由本校的老师设置或批改的。外部考试的目的是为了向学校和家长提供第三方数据,比较学生在国际标准上的表现。

Gifted & Talented Program

High performing learners are encouraged to take learning beyond the classrooms by participating in national and international competitions. These opportunities provides learners with the challenge and intellectual stimulation to strive for more.



Learning Support

Learners who struggle with a learning challenge or who come from non-native English language homes are provided with additional support to enable them to thrive in an English curriculum. This is seen as a temporary measure and once learners are able to cope with the pace of their grade, they are integrated back into their classes.



Bahasa & Mandarin

Bahasa and Mandarin are taught from Reception at a second-language level. Destiny recognises the importance of our learners developing multiple languages competently in order to rise as global leaders. Time is allocated within our schedule for coverage of both these important languages. 


Destiny 认为掌握多项语言是学生成为全球领导者必须具备的能力。我们的课程表包含了这两门重要的语言课程。

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