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Raising Leaders

At the core of Destiny's philosophy of education is the belief that all students can be trained to be

"Leaders for Every Domain".

It is with this view that Destiny embeds the development of leaders into our daily classroom teaching and learning. We emphasise in the potential of all students as leaders, and provide students with leadership training and opportunities to develop their leadership skills. 


Leadership Opportunities

At Destiny we believe in providing students with leadership opportunities from an early age. All students have the opportunity to be leaders in their classrooms through responsibilities given to them. Students are taught to first lead their own self effectively in order to be a positive role model to others.

Student Representative Council

Students from Year 4 onwards have the opportunity to be part of the Student Representative Council when they hold school wide the position as Librarians, House Captains, Class Representatives or leaders in their Clubs & Societies.

Teenage Students Raising Hands
Students Taking Exams

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is taught to all students from Year 7 onwards, to prepare them for life beyond school. Students are taught to manage their budget, savings and investing.

Volunteering Work

At Destiny we instil in our students that leadership is for a positive purpose. Therefore, all students are encouraged to participate in activities that gives back to our Muar community. Annually our students will carry out at least one project to benefit others who might not be as fortunate as they are.

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