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Leaders for Every Domain

Destiny is an international curriculum school that emphasises the training of all students as future leaders.

The school aims to enrol the best students from Muar and its surrounding regions, students who are EAGER TO LEARN and who are EXEMPLARY IN CHARACTER. 


Destiny is a school for students and parents with BIG HOPES, BIG DREAMS and BIG ASPIRATIONS. We are a school for families who want to support their children to grow into the best that they can be. We believe in the endless capacity of each of our students and we see a bright future for each one of them. 

We believe ALL OUR STUDENTS ARE CAPABLE and we believe THEIR FUTURE IS PRECIOUS. In a world that is fast evolving, our student’s future cannot be left to chance. It is crucial for their academics to be on par with world standards, and it is equally crucial for each of our students to develop in behaviour and character as respected individuals of our community. 

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